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Snack Bag

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Snack Bag

Travelling is an exciting and thrilling experience in anyone’s life. It is a chance to try new things, be apart of new experiences and have a generally boosted outlook on life. But imagine if every foot of land around the trail was stacked with plastic grocery bags stuffed with plastic trash. That’s the amount of plastic waste that ends up in our rivers, lake and oceans each year. This visual is staggering.


Responsible People (Green travel) is about adopting green methods and practices which can help you reduce plastic bag, save energy and money and leave nothing behind other than your own footprints. If you practice green methods while you’re at home, then it’s a great idea to take these same practices on the road to conserve energy for future.


Tierras Vivas are creating methods to save the environment, Usually on Peru. There are not education about the plastic evolution´s and damages that produces. All travellers and local people use the plastic.


For example: If you go the local market to buy the snack, the local people will provide the plastic bag or other companies will provide the paper bag for your snack, then you will need to littering. You can not use more.


Tierras Vivas will provide the "Snack Bag". It is small cotton bag for you, where you can carry your snack and water. In case you finish your snack, you can go the local market to buy other snack and you can use again your snack bag.


Machu Picchu Tours and 2 Day Inca Trail Camping

What is included the snack bag?

  • A small water bottle (500 ml);
  • A small Gatorade;
  • Cusco cereal or Granola (Kiwicha, Quinoa, raisins, honey and Grated coconut);
  • Small fruit Juice box;
  • 1x Apple
  • 1x Granadilla
  • 10x Lemon candy;
  • Raisins with peanuts;

Important Note:

2 day Inca Trail camping, it is included the buffet lunch in Wiñaywayna camping.

Machu Picchu Tours: Visit our website and check if it is included the lunch or what is included in your tour.


Short Inca Trail to Machu Picchu and One day hike to Inca Trail

What is included the Box lunch + snack bag?

  • Peruvian Quinoa (Quinoa Chaufa) with pieces of chicken or meat;
  • Quinoa chaufa with pieces with aubergine and soy meat (Vegetarian);
  • Small fruit juice box;
  • 1x Apple
  • 1x Granadilla
  • 10x Lemon candy;
  • Raisins with peanuts;

"Chaufa” is the name of the Peruvian-Chinese fusion of fried rice.

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