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Tierrasvivas invites you to embark on the Ollantaytambo tour, a captivating destination nestled in the heart of the Peruvian Andes. This destination offers a fascinating introduction to the rich history, impressive architecture, and mystical allure of the ancient Inca civilization.

When you set foot in Ollantaytambo, you will be transported back in time to an era when the Incas reigned supreme. This well-preserved archaeological site showcases the ingenuity and advanced engineering skills of the Incas, leaving visitors in awe of its monumental structures and urban planning.

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The town is pronounced “oy-yahn-tie-tahm-bo” but everyone calls it “Ollanta” for short. It was named for Ollantay, the Inca general who expanded the frontiers of Tawantinsuyo as far noth as Colombia and as far south as Argentina during the reign of the Inca Pachacutec. The general asked for the hand of the emperor’s daughter, a request Pachacutec refused. He accomplished though Ollantay and he was still a commoner. The general rebelled against the ruler and was imprisoned. Ollantay’s love may have met a bad end. But yours will not when you glimpse the stone streets and houses, mountain scenery some of the most lush territory in the Valley, and great ruins.

Ollantaytambo Village is called “Live Incan City“, because its citizens maintain alive very ancient habits and customs.


The Inca architecture at Ollantaytambo is a remarkable testimonial to this ancient civilization’s skill and technical knowledge.

The Incas achieved the construction of monumental structures using large blocks of stone without the use of advanced tools or modern technology. The terraces, temples, and fortresses that shape the urban landscape of Ollantaytambo reflect the fascinating history of this Inca wonder. These structures not only show the architectural prowess of the Incas but also have historical significance that goes back centuries.

The terraces, meticulously built with perfectly carved and fitted stone blocks, stand as a tribute to the agricultural expertise of the Incas and their ability to adapt to the natural environment. On the Ollantaytambo tour, you will be able to discover the mysteries behind the construction techniques, the ceremonial purposes, and the strategic importance of these architectural wonders.



with the Ollantaytambo Tour walk above the town to a formidable stone structure where massive terraces climb to the peak. It was the valley’s main defense against the Antis tribes from the neighboring rain forests. Construction began during the reign of Pachacutec but was never completed. 

The rose-color granite used was not mined in the part of the Valley. The elaborate walled complex contained a temple to the sun, used for astronomical observation, as well as the Baños de la Ñusta (ceremonial princess baths), leading archaeologists to believe that Ollantaytambo existed for more than defensive purposes.

The fortress was the site of the greatest Inca victory over the Spanish during the wars of conquest. The Manco Inca fled here in 1537 with a contingent of troops after the disastrous loss at Sacsayhuaman and routed Spanish forces under Hernando Pizarro. The victory was short-lived: Pizarro regrouped and took the fortress.


Ollantaytambo holds a deep spiritual and religious significance for the Inca civilization, and its temples and sacred sites reflect a profound connection with the natural world and the cosmos. Exploring the history of Ollantaytambo allows us to delve into the spiritual beliefs and practices that shaped the lives of the Incas.

In the heart of Ollantaytambo, the temples stood as sanctuaries dedicated to the worship of deities and celestial forces. These sacred spaces were meticulously designed to align with astronomical phenomena, reflecting the Inca’s reverence for the cosmos. The sun, moon, stars, and constellations played a central role in their spiritual beliefs, and the temples of Ollantaytambo served as gateways to connect with these celestial powers.

The concept of “ayni,” or reciprocity, was central to Inca spirituality, and Ollantaytambo embodied this belief in its sacred rituals and offerings. The Inca people sought harmony and balance with the natural world, viewing themselves as an integral part of a larger cosmic order. The temples and ceremonial sites in Ollantaytambo were spaces where offerings were made, ceremonies were performed, and prayers were offered to maintain this sacred reciprocity.


On the Ollantaytambo tour, one of the most intriguing and enigmatic aspects is the Face of the Inca. This mysterious effigy carved in stone has captured the attention of experts and visitors, giving rise to speculation and theories about its meaning and origin.

Located on a stone wall on the upper terraces of Ollantaytambo, the Face of the Inca is an impressive work of lithic art. The sculpture depicts a stylized human face with prominent features, including almond-shaped eyes, an angular nose, and slightly parted lips. The precision and detail with which this figure has been carved are extraordinary, evidencing the talent and skill of the ancient Inca artisans.

Ollantaytambo Tour the Face of the Inca


This self guided trail allows you to tour the original layout of the town, following a series of blue plaques that outline important sites. Attribute the town’s distinctive appearance to Inca organization. They based their communities on the unit of the “cancha”, a walled city block, each with one entrance leading to an interior courtyard, surrounded by a collection of houses. The system is most obvious in the center of town around the main plaza. You’ll find the most welcoming of these self-contained communities at Calle del Medio.

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