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Bolivian Salt Flats Holiday

Bolivian Salt Flats Holiday

Join us in the high Andes for 11 Days of Bolivian Salt Flats Holiday tour in the Bolivian Altiplano! The adventure is waiting for you in this land-locked country of extreme geography. Travel across the largest salt lake in the world, visit a historic mining town and the charming colonial city Sucre. Meet the warm and friendly people of Bolivia as you discover the beautiful contrasts of its countryside. In the remote southern plains bleaks of the altiplano at 3,650 AMSL, the visually stunning Salar de Uyuni salt lake stretches as a blinding white sheet of surreal and ethereal beauty. It’s embossed with hexagonal patterns that seem to be carved by the man. The rain it’s covered with mirror-like water surfaces reflecting the blue sky and clouds dissolving on the horizon. There are two vividly coloured lakes nearby the Laguna Colorada and Laguna Verde, their gemstone hues created by their high mineral content. The red lake is next to hissing geysers while the green one it’s located at Licancabur at 5,868 AMSL.

Quick Itinerary 

  • Day 01: La Paz
  • Day 02 - 03: Sucre
  • Day 04 - 05: Potosi
  • Day 06 - 08: Uyuni / Salt Lake Excursion
  • Day 09: La Paz
  • Day 10: La Paz
  • Day 11: Departure Day

Crew: A Tierras Vivas representative in La Paz,Sucre, Potosi, Uyuni;

Accommodation: Basic Hotel (9 nights), Bus/ Train (1 night);

Meals: Meals while visiting Uyuni Salt Flats;

Transportation: Public bus/train, 4W drive and local flight;


Day 1: Arrive La Paz

Arrive in La Paz at any time. There are not planned activities so check into our hotel and enjoy the city.

Day 2 - 3: Sucre

Our local gude  in La Paz takes the group to the airport for the flight to Sucre, where your Tierras Vivas guide will meet you. This is the heart of the Bolivian government and a lovely, historic town. Explore a variety of museums and colonial buildings as you stroll the streets of this pleasant city. or take a short trip to the site of dinosaur tracks thorguht to be over 60 million years old.

Day 6 - 8: Uyuni - Salt Flats Excursion

We embark on our journey though the impressive Salar of Uyuni. We spend three days in this beautiful area exploring the flats by four-wheel-drive vehicles. The piercing blue skies contrast against the blinding white of the salt flats to create fantastic sensory experience. The area's unusual landscapes of mountains, active volcones and geysers lend it an inexplicable allure. 

Day 9: Nights Bus - Train to La Paz

We return to Uyuni from the Salt Flats excursion for a bus/train trip to that brings us back to the bustling city of La Paz. We arrive by daybreak, in time to see the sun rise over the glistening peaks of the Cordillera highest ski resot.

Day 10: La Paz

There will be free time today to relax and explore the highest capital city in the wolrd. La Paz offers fine museums, shopping and excursions to the Tiahuanaco ruins, the Valley of the Moon, or a visit to Chacaltaya, the wolrd's highest ski resort.

Days 11
Activity level
Activity level
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