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+51 984 004 472 info@tierrasvivas.com

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Our Camping Equipment

Our Camping Equipment

Unlike other tour companies, Tierras Vivas offers all necessary personal equipment for more comfort. We use only high-quality camping equipment for our Peruvian treks such as Inca TrailSalkantay Trek, Lares Trek, and alternative treks!!

Tierras provides the following camping equipment:

Personal Tents

Our tents are of the brand EUREKA!, type MOUNTAIN PASS 3XTE designated for 4 seasons. We provide a 3-person capacity tent; however, just 2 trek participants use it! In this way, we provide you more space and comfort. In the case of a single traveller, we provide a 2-person capacity tent. After each trek, we carefully check our tents, disinfect them, and fix them if necessary!

Camping equipment

Sleeping Bag

Tierras Vivas use only feather sleeping bags that are suitable for -16°C. This means that you do not have to worry about the cold, because the night temperature during each trek reaches only 0°C (maximum -5°C)!!

Despite the temperature in most treks doesn’t go minus 6 Celsius, we provide -15 ° C goose feather sleeping bags, mummy and rectangular types.

Sleeping bag

Hiking Poles

A pair of hiking poles is provided to provide you more balance and support

hiking poles

Camping Air Mattress

We provide inflatable mattresses of the brand Therm-A-Rest. The mattresses are 3 cm high that will ensure sufficient insulation from the cold ground!


Camping Air Mattress

Air pillow

For better comfort sleeping, it is provided an air pillow

Camping equipment

Polar blanket or cotton sheets for sleeping bag

Our cook provides a polar blanket for cold nights and sleeping liner for warmer nights

Hot water bottle

You will be provided of a hot water bottle to put it inside the sleeping bags for extra warmth during cold nights

Bottle hot water

Duffel bag and daypack

You will be provided of a duffle bag for your personal belongings, and a daypack if necessary

Rain Poncho

Rain poncho is provided in the wet season

Duffel bag and daypack

Included your duffel bag for your personal belonging and a daypack for your trek.

Tierras Vivas camping equipment to provide

Dining Tent

We use dining tents made of waterproof and cold-resistant materials having two side doors. Their capacity is 16 persons.


Dinnign tend

Toilet Tent

Our toilet facilities are safe and sanitary and ready to be used wherever it is necessary. We use the Cleanwaste Complete GO toilet system providing you with privacy and safety! Moreover, we use biodegradable fillings that contribute to our eco-friendly approach!!

Toilet tend

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