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Ausangate and Rainbow Mountain


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    Tierras Vivas Travel > Ausangate and Rainbow Mountain

    Ausangate and Rainbow Mountain

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    Ausangate and Rainbow MountainTired of looking for the perfect experience in your life? Does your life need more adrenaline and action? You have come to the perfect country to make it happen. Many tourists from around the world visit Peru only to explore Machu Pichhu which has made Peru famous, but this country has many things to offer. Pay closely attention to this information to know more about your next travel adventure.

    Ausangate is a mountain located at 100 kilometers at the southeast of the city of Cusco with a height of 6,384 m above sea level. In the Inca mythology in this mountain and its nearest lakes such as Sibinacocha masculine energy was born and fertilized mother earth Pachamama, these bodies of water get lost in the unknown lands of the Amazon in order to return and fill the lakes and glaciers each night of Star river or Willkamayu also known as the Milky Way. Chillca community is a place in which sheperds of llamas and alpacas live. In this mountain you can do the “Camino del Apu Ausangate trek”

    Ausangate is the most representative mountain of the “Andes Cusqueños”. Located in the Vilcanota mountain range with huge, beautiful lagoons and mystical spots is one of the fabulous places to visit in Cusco. Trekking Ausangate mountain is one of the best adventures of all.

    Rainbow Mountain  is one of the most attactive and magnificent places in the path to Ausangate. Its amazing colors are present because there are sedimentary stones in erosion. It is said that this is a mystical place which gives its visitors a new opportunity to have a “prize” at the end of the trail. “If you want to see the rainbow you must face the storm” in other words when you fight for your dreams you will get everything you want. When you finish your trek you will have accomplished a great goal. This is really important to take into consideration while trekking this mountain.

    Be amazed with this unparalleled destination. Vinicunca mountain range offers a dream landscape because of its rainbow colors stacked one above the other. National Geographic’s magazine ranks Rainbow Mountain as one of the one hundred places you must visit before dying. Remember that the best months to visit Ausangate and Rainbow Mountain are between May and October because it is the no rainfall season. Do not miss this wonderful opportunity to be part of these breathtaking places this year. Life begins when you decide to experience the very best treks and tours in Peru.


    Quick Itinerary:

    • Day 01: Cusco, Ocongate-Tinki
    • Day 02: Tinki- Upis- Hot springs
    • Day 03: Hot Springs- Pucaqocha Lagoon
    • Day 04: Pucaqocha Lagoon- Palomani Passage- Jampa Valley
    • Day 05: Jampa Valley- Pachaspata- Qomercocha Lagoon
    • Day 06: Qomercocha Lagoon- Pacchanta
    • Day 07: Pacchanta- Rainbow Mountain-Cusco

    Highlights of Ausangate and Rainbow Mountain (7days) 

    • Visit of the most interesting mountains in only one tour
    • Guided tour in both mountains.
    • 7 day hike with a professional Tour Guide, Cook, Horseman and horses
    • Observation of snow-capped mountains.
    • Spectacular landscape views 

    Crew: A Tierras Vivas Representative in Cusco, a professional local bilingual Tour Guide, a Cook and mules or horses for the trek.

    Accommodation: 7x campsite.

    Meals: 7x breakfast, 7x lunch, 7x dinner, 7x afternoon tea.

    Transportation: Transportation by private van.

    Ausangate more information:



    Day 01: Cusco, Ocongate-Tinki

    You will set off early in the morning (around 5 am) to travel to the Andean village of Tinki. You will travel to Puno passing by the Wari´s culture ruins of Pikillacta and later the colonial towns of Andahuaylillas and Huaro. Then, you’ll continue to the village of Urcos where you will stop for a while to visit a colourful local market. Afterwards, you will turn on a dusty path to continue uphill until we reach some highland small villages observing shepherds and weavers there. In the afternoon, you will continue towards Ocongate, the district’s capital looking at some picturesque villages along the Watanay River and beautiful landscapes. Finally, you’ll arrive at our first campsite at Tinki (3,850 m) completing a 145 kilometre ride.

    Day 02: Tinki- Upis- Hot springs

    This trail begins crossing the highland meadow approaching the foothill of the impressive and venerated Ausangate Mountain, offering amazing views of a beautiful landscape. Below, you will see lamas, alpacas, vicunas and paqochas (Andean traditional animals). Continuing the hike, the trail takes you up going through some Andean villages where you will see many traditional customs. Later on, you’ll reach a small village called Upis (4,140 m above sea level), from where you will enjoy a breathtaking view of the Apu Ausangate (6,372 m/20,906 ft)! Afterwards, you will walk to nearby hot springs where you’ll set a campsite and obviously enjoy a wonderful time in thermal waters.

    Day 03: Hot Springs – Pucaqocha Lagoon

    Breakfast is served early and afterwards, you’ll ascend for two and half an hour towards the high Arapa Passage (4,850 m above sea level). Then, you will descend to the Pucaqocha Lagoon, also called Hatun Pucaqocha (4,605 m above sea level) enjoying great views of Ausangate Mountain. Then, you’ll set a campsite on the shores of the lagoon where you’ll have a once in a lifetime opportunity watching many Andean bird species.

    Day 04: Pucaqocha Lagoon- Palomani Passage- Jampa Valley

    On this day you’ll ascend to the Alcatani Pass (4,650 m above sea level) and descend to the glacier lagoon of Ausangate. Once that is done, you will climb up again, this time to reach the highest point of the entire Ausangate Trek which is the Palomani Passage (5,050 m above sea level) Once you arrive there, you’ll enjoy magnificent views of the south-eastern ridge of the Apu Ausangate. Finally, you’ll descend to the Jampa Valley (4,600 m above sea level) admiring Andean dwellers wearing typical clothes as well as plenty of sheep, lamas, alpacas and paqochas before you set your tent in the valley.

    Day 05: Jampa Valley- Pachaspata- Qomercocha Lagoon

    Your trek begins circling northwest along the Ticllacocha Lagoon and over the Jampa passage (4,650 m above sea level). Then, you will continue hiking to the Pacchaspata Pampa where you’ll set up a campsite on the shores of the greatest turquoise lagoon of all Q’omercocha (4,580 m above sea level).

    Day 06: Qomercocha Lagoon- Pacchanta

    After having a delicious and healthy breakfast, you will start descending towards the small village of Pacchanta (4,300 m above sea level) observing breathtaking views on the way. When you arrivee to Pachanta, you’ll enjoy its hot springs a lot. Afterwards, you will have an amazing chance to watch the powerful Ausangate. You will camp overnight.

    Day 07: Pacchanta- Rainbow Mountain-Cusco

    On your last day of this amazing adventure you will get up early, have breakfast and follow the trail until you reach Rainbow Mountain. This magnificent mountain’s highest point is at 5,000m above sea level. You will do this trek carefully because it has some difficult and tricky paths. You can rent horses if you want to relax and enjoy the amazing view. This mountain is called like that because of its display of rainbow colors, this is because there are stones in erosion. After visiting this fabulous place you will return to Cusco in the evening to tell all your relatives and friends about it.



    Travel and Tips Ausangate

    The path to Ausangate is one of the most amazing experiences ever, enjoy the view, birds accompanying you the whole trek is only part of this breathtaking opportunity life gives you and to make this adventure the best some aspects have to be taken into consideration. 

    • Wear warm clothes (coats, mittens etc..) specially at nights
    • Drink High Altitude Sickness or Soroche pills to acclimatize
    • Bring extra money in the country’s currency to rent horses  (nuevos soles)
    • Extra money to buy the following (Water, Lunch, cookies, etc…
    • Wear sun glasses and a hat
    • Wear sunscreen
    • Portable oxygen might be needed if your body has problems acclimatizing
    • Bring a backpack

    Ausangate Trek Peru

    Ausangate is the representative mountain of the Cusqueños Andes. It is located in the Vilcanota mountain range with large lagoons with a bright green / blue color. Walking the Ausangate mountain is an indescribable adventure, and it is impossible not to be impressed by the enormous beauty of eternal snow. The Ausangate route is one of the attractions of Cusco.

    Ausangate Trek Peru


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