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Volunteer trips represent an alternative to traditional forms of tourism, since the people who travel contribute, in a certain way, to the development of the communities, making an economic contribution, both to the NGO and to the country they visit. In addition, these trips seek to promote solidarity between those who travel and the people who receive them at the destination.

One of the main attractions of volunteer travel is that they offer to visit cooperation and development projects carried out by non-governmental organizations in the field, and collaborate in some way in these initiatives; since they have as objective an approach to the social, cultural, political and economic reality of the people who live in the destination country of the trip.

In a volunteer trip, the participants do not need a previous experience, nor have knowledge and fluency with the local language since they are accompanied at all times by the organizers of the outings.

In general, volunteer trips take place during the high season, such as the Holy Week, summer and Christmas periods.

  • We can guarantee all of your money will go towards the costs of running the School
  • There is great flexibility with your time. It is entirely up you how you wish to arrange your time while you are here, however we do appreciate as much help as you can give us.
  • There are no time limits on your stay though volunteering for a longer period of time will enable you to have a greater impact on the lives of our children.
  • There are some amazing places to visit in and around Cusco.
  • Our children are wonderful!!
  • You'll make some great friends.
  • If you have nursing or doctors qualifications you could give us an extra helping hand by checking our children are healthy!
  • Some of our children come in with problems related to their upbringing, if you have any qualifications in physcology or physcotherapy you may be the person who is able to help them work through them.111
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