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Amazon Rainforest Peru

Tierras Vivas has designed Rainforest activity for travelers looking for a a explore and discover of the Peruvian rainforest. Visit Puerto Maldonado, Manu and enjoy the tours


Peru has one of the greatest bio-diversity in the world because of the presence of the Amazon, The Andes and the Pacific Ocean.


Peru has over 1,800 species of birds, 500 species of mammals and over 3000 species of reptiles. Within the group of mammals are some rare species of cats, including jaguars, puma, speckled bear and pink river dolphins.  The Pacific Ocean has a bounty of sealife, some of the best seafood in the world is served deliciously in Lima and dolphins, whale and sea lion watching and diving in the Galapagos or off the coast of Mancora is an experience more than words can describe.

Scientists are still discovering new species of reptiles, lizards, frogs, beetles, mice, mammals and birds since 2008.  Ten new species of frogs have been found in the cloud forests of the Andes mountains in the last 2 years.


Peru has an equally diverse amount of plants.  The coast of Peru is usually barren apart from some cactus growing there. The hilly areas known as lomas, such as Lachay, get enough mist to sustain plants, shrubs, insects, hummingbirds.  The river valleys also contain unique plant life. The highlands above the tree line is called puna, where bushes, drought resistant plants such as ichu grass, extend up the zone of the snow- capped mountains.  On the lower slopes of the Andes mountains are steep sided cloud forests that sustain moss, lichens, trees and bromilieds.  The very wet Amazon has at this time been found to have 438,000 species of flora.  Every year new species are being found.


With this type of trip we endeavor to live amongst nature without disturbing it. Another important objective with this type of tour is to share and enjoy the experiences that you have by getting involved in nature, whilst relaxing at the same time, and to know more about the flora and fauna in the South America.


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