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Amazon Rainforest Peru

Tierras Vivas has designed Amazon Rainforest Peru activities for travelers looking to discover the Peruvian rainforest. With us, you can visit and enjoy Puerto Maldonado and Manu National Park.


Peru has one of the greatest biodiversity in the world because it is proud to have the Amazon, the Andes as well as the Pacific Ocean!


The country has over 1,800 bird species, 500 species of mammals, and over 3,000 species of reptiles. Within the group of mammals are some rare species of cats such as jaguars and puma, spectacled bear, and the pink river dolphin. Scientists have been discovering new species of reptiles, lizards, frogs, beetles, mice, mammals, and birds since 2008. Ten new species of frogs have been found in the cloud forests of the Andes in the last 2 years. The Pacific Ocean has a bounty of sea life. Dolphins, whales, and sea lions might be watched around the Paracas Bay or the Ballestas Islands called the Galapagos of the Poor for its comparative fauna but much affordable entrance fee. One can swim or surf on the coast of Mancora, an experience indescribable in words!


Peru has an equally diverse amount of plants. Its coast is usually barren, except for the cacti growing there. The hilly areas known as "lomas" such as Lachay, get enough mist to sustain plants, shrubs, insects, hummingbirds, etc. The highlands above the border of the tree are called "puna", where shrubs, drought-resistant plants, such as "ichu" grass, are located in the snow-capped mountain zone. On the lower slopes of the Andean mountains, there are steep cloud forests that sustain moss, lichens, trees, and bromeliads. Peruvian river valleys also include unique plant life. It has now been found that the very moist Amazon has 438,000 species of flora. New species are found every year!


With this type of tour, we endeavor to live amidst nature without disturbing it. Another important goal of this tour style is to share and enjoy the experiences you get when you get involved in nature and at the same time relax, and learn more about the flora and fauna of South America.


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